PT. Monalisa Tunggal Jaya ( PT MTJ) was chosen for the Installation of Lighting Effects Systems By JENJA Jakarta entrusted the whole Design, Supply and Installation of Lighting , LED Screen Systems and Architectural Systems in JENJA Jakarta with the guidance from Lighting Consultant, Galaxindo.

Lighting Systems installed are as follows:
– 4 Units x SOROT PRO Beam 230 – 7R Moving Head
– 4 Units x AZTEC Moving Head Profile LED K-10 (100 Watt LED Profile with JENJA Custom LOGO)
– 4 Units x SOROT PRO Moving Head 36 x 3 Watt RGB WASH
– 4 Units x SOROT PRO LINEAR Beam Moving Head 8 x 10W RGBW
– 1 Units x AZTEC Lighting Console Controller TIGER with OPTO-Splitter
– 2 Units x AZTEC Hazer Machine HM-600 DMX
– 2 Units x SOROT PRO LASER Systems RGB-850
– 2 Units x AZTEC Super Strobo 1500 DMX
– 1 Sets x AZTEC Alumunium Rigging Custom Design Systems

With the Successful result and Massive Grand Opening of JENJA, everyone is imrpressed by the end result of the Lighting Systems, it has been a very successful result of Lighting Effects created high efficiency and best lighting result output.