JENJA Jakarta entrusted the Design, Setting and Installation of LED Screen Solutions for Club by PT. MTJ . There are 3 Locatoin ploted for JENJA, Enterence for Promotion and LOGO with one-mirrored transparent glass making a perfect look of JENJA enterance, Portrait LED design BAR for Promotional and Live Feed, DJ Background for Visual DJ Animation Effects.

AZTEC LED Screen Systems chones for the solution in JENJA using LED Screen P-5 and P-6 display systems:
– Installation of LED Display Screen Indoor for Enterance Display using P-5 Indoor with Size 2 x 2 Meters
– Inslallation of LED Display Screen Indoor for BAR promotion using P-5 Indoor custom Size Portrait with size of: 3 x 1.5 Meters
– Installation of LED Display Screen Indoor for DJ Visual Background using P-6 Indoor with 3 Display Section of Left and Right Portrait 2 x 1 Meter and Center Screen of 2 x 2 Meters.

The Perfect Display Solution created by PT. MTJ creates a whole new ambience visual design with a very unique proportion making JENJA Jakarta reaches a new level of Club experiences.