Houbii Adventure Park – Lighting Dynamic Indoor entrusted Lighting Systems by AZTEC Electronics for all Lighting Dynamic Indoor and also Architectural Outdoor. The Dynamic Lighting is used for Houbii night and performance show.

It gives a nice ambiance touch with dynamic effects with pumpy beat of the sound systems makes a pumpy environment.

Lighting systems installed are as follows:
– 10 Units x AZTEC LED UV Washer 8010
– 10 Units x AZTEC LED PAR 36 RGB
– 6 Units x MARTIN MANIA EFX-1 Lighting Effects
– 1 Unit x AZTEC Light Master 12 Channel Switcher
– 4 Units x MARTIN MANIA EFX-800 Lighting Effects
– 1 Unit x NICOLAUDIE Touch Controller KE-1
– 2 Units x SOROT LED PAR-54 RGBW
– 4 Units x AZTEC LED Color Beacon RGB