Hotel Selyca Mulia Samarinda installed with Cornered Audio systems, with the high selection and consideration by the Owner, PT MTJ managed to convince owner with the Cornered Audio Systems to achieve the best possible result for the Hotel functions.

The systems installed for Hotel Selyca Multi-functional Room are as follows:
– 4 Units x Cornered Audio C-6
– 1 Sets x AZTEC Microphone SM-58 Cable Mics
– 1 Units x AZTEC Power Amplifier SH-8600 Multi Amplifier Systems
– 1 Sets x AZTEC Wireless Microphone ACT-8098 Sets with 2 Handheld , 1 Lavalier , 1 Headset , 1 Sets of Receiver 2 Channel Systems

Upon the events, the Owner and all Management are very surprised with the outcome result is more than expected and the clarity of sound is very clear and comfortable to listen. It is a very satisfying result and quality with the efficiency in budgets.