Gereja Daan Mogot undergoes renovation and with the increasing number of attendees in the events, it needed a good renovation. PT Monalisa Tunggal Jaya trusted with a great task to make the full renovation of Lighting and Sound Systems with keeping the cost efficient. SOROT Lighting Systems & CELTO Acoustique were chosen to make sure the Lighting & Sound can keep up to the multipurpose use of Church and Band performance.

Lighting Systems Installed are as follows:
– SOROT Moving Head Beam 230 R : 4 Units
– SOROT LED PAR W/WW 54×3 W Fresnel: 2 Units
– AZTEC Hazer Machine HM-600 DMX: 1 Units
– AZTEC Show Design-2 Lighting Console Controller: 1 Units

Sound Systems installed are as follows:
– CELTO Acoustique CT-12 , 2×12″ Two Way Systems: 4 Units
– CELTO Acoustique CT-118, 1×18″ Subwoofer Systems: 2 Units
– AZTEC Power Amplifier FP-10000Q, 4 x1000W / Channel Amplifier: 1 Unit
– Behringer X-32 Digital Mixing Systems: 1 Units

Everyone loved how the Lighting and Sound makes the place more alive, it has been a great installations and it has been used for both youth and normal ceremonies. The Sound of CELTO Acoustique has proven to be so warm and also clear sounded with a great perfect quality and impressive end results sounding in all around the churches areas.