Gedung Kesenian Yogyakarta – Professional Lighting Systems upgrades their Lighting Systems into the New Age Modern Lighting Systems. The High Demand Full of Scheduled Events Theater in Gedung Kesenian Yogyakarta requires a newer and better Lighting Systems to support their Events.
MTJ was chosen to Design and Execute in all Installations includes programming and settings to their 2 Halls: Cocietet Hall and Auditorium Hall. They requires a Multi-purpose Lighting Systems design where they can use it for Drama, Shows, Public Announcement and many other occassions.

Systems designed for Cocietet are as follows :
– 8 Units of AZTEC LED PAR 48 / 64 RGBW
– 2 Units of MARTIN MAC 350 Entour
– 6 Units of AZTEC LED WASH 36 Moving Head
– 4 Units of AZTEC Moving Head Mini Beam Sharpy 2R
– 1 Units of MARTIN M2GO Lighting Console Controller

Systems designed for Concert Hall are as follows :
– 10 Units of AZTEC LED PAR 64 / 48 RGBW
– 4 Units of AZTEC Moving Head Beam Sharpy 330 Watt
– 4 Units of AZTEC Moving Head ZACK BEAM 4in1 Beam, Spot, Lite Gobo & Wash
– 2 Units of MARTIN Atomic 3000 Strobo + Detonator Controllers
– 1 Unit of GRIVEN Follow Spot Dardo 1200 + Stand
– 2 Units of MARTIN MAC VIPER Profile
– 1 Unit of MARTIN M-1 Console Controller
– 2 Units of MARTIN JEM K-1 Hazer PRO

The board member and management of Taman Budaya Yogyakarta were very impressed with the Lighting Upgrades they had. Now, they are very confident and there have been increasingly massive demands of usage in the Auditorium in which they can used up to 3 – 5 times a day.