F45 Senopati Gym, a Gym cross-fit franchise from Australia chose CELTO Acoustique PRO for the huge installations of almost 200 Meter Square with high ceiling. With the limited budget provided by the owner, PT. MTJ challanges CELTO iFIX 8 Coaxial Top Box with iFIX 13 as the Compact Subwoofer to fill up the Sound inside Room. Everyone is very surprised with the Sound Quality delivered by CELTO Acoustique iFIX Series Range.
CELTO Acoustique is a Sound Systems brand from France with a high quality performance drivers delivers the best quality of sound with high Sound Pressure Level without any compromise in its qualities.

Installations in F45 Senopati Gym provided by CELTO Acoustique are as follows:
– 4 Units x CELTO iFIX-8 , 8″ Coaxial Full Range Speakers
– 2 Units x CELTO iFIX-13. 13″ Compact Subwoofer Systems
– 1 Unit x Hill Audio LPA-1400 Power Amplifier
– 1 Unit x Hill Audio LPA-2400 Power Amplifier
– 1 Unit x AZTEC Digital Sound Processor DP-26 MK-2
– 1 Unit x Hill Audio LMR-1204 FX Audio Mixer Systems
– with Custom BEEP Sound using AZTEC NXP-200 Portable Mixer Amplifier and 1 Sets of Hill Audio SMW-820