Chevron Auditorium – AZTEC Professional Stage Lighting & Rigging chose the Professional Stage Lighting Solution by AZTEC for their newly renovated Auditorium and Multifunctional Hall. The renovation projects takes a long time to finish because of the Unique Construction of the Building and everyone in Chevron is making sure to give the best of best to their new facilities in Duri area.

The Equipment Setups at Duri Multifunctional Auditorium Hall are as follows:
– 10 Units of AZTEC LED PAR 2 RGBW 18 x 10 Watt
– 8 Units of AZTEC LED Moving Head WASH 4 in 1 RGBW (18 x 10 Wat RGBW LEDs)
– 1 Unit of AZTEC Dimmer Pack 1230 DMX
– 2 Units of MARTIN M2Go Lighting Console Controller
– 8 Units of AZTEC Sharpy II Beam 230
– 6 Units of AZTEC Fresnell JD-2 la
– 4 Units of AZTEC Mini Brute 4 Lamps
– Full Sets of Alumunium Rigging of E300 (30 cm Four Squared Alumunium Truss)

The Equipment is Utilized for al functions including Stage Performance, Annual Meetings, New Years and many other events placed in Duri, Chevron, Pekanbaru. The result is impressive and everyone is happy with the installations and finishes.