PT. Monalisa Tunggal Jaya (PT MTJ) was chosen to do full commitment on supply and install of the Alumunium Truss & Motorised Hoist to make an adjustment Height of LED Stadium Lamps. With the very strict measurement from the LED Stadium Lamps technical specifications and with the Age of the Building is considerable old heritage building, concern raises if there are so much Load put into the strains of the construction body.

Therefore, with the Lightweight of Alumunium Rigging and Variable Motorised Hoist for adjustment of Hanging Points are the perfect solution to make the Pandepokan Pencak Silat TMII is suitable for international standard for the brightness and specifications of the lights.

With total of more than 60 Meters of AZTEC Alumunium Trusses & 14 Units of AZTEC Motorised Hoist 1 Tonne Smart Chain Hoist to support the Full Renovation of the Pandepokan Pencak Silat for coming to light. Everyone is very pleased with the result and now the venue is used for multipurpose Stadium usage.