PT Monalisa Tunggal Jaya supplied and installed CELTO Sound Systems Line Array with IWAC-210 Movement. CELTO Sound Systems has gained its name and famous into the market with the debut on the Colomadu Auditorium at Solo and now is the best choice to be supplied for the newly renovated Auditorium. The newly renovated Auditorium straightly to be used for mixed used of Graduation Ceremony, Concert, Events, and all other necessary used on stage.

CELTO Sound Systems all includes the 12 Units of IWAC -210 Line Aray Systems with 2×10″ Bi-Amp Line Array Systems with 4 Units x CELTO CT-218 Subwoofer Systems resulting the Best Quality of Sound with a very High Sound Pressure Level.

A very impressive results of installations have made Madiun Multipurpose Auditorium to be the best Sound Systems credibility provided for Academy KA in all around Indonesia, everyone has been very pleased with the outcome and results of installations.